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snow removal  

"wcb licensed & insured"  

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Acreage & Small Commercial  Pricing? 


Subject to inspection and equipment accessibility

larger areas $.10/sqft  

long sidewalks $.60/lnft

Skidsteer $100.00/hr (Minimum 3 hr callout) 

    * Ice Melt is applied at the discretion of the contractor unless expressly refused at a cost of @ $3.15/lb. (1 lb = approx. 30-40 sq ft)

                          * Ice Melt can be a contributing factor in concrete degradation, Rockscapes assumes no responsibility for damages.

Snow Removal Service Agreement

Full season commences NOV 1st and closes MARCH 31st

 for a total of 5 months

snow removal commences with snowfall accummulations of 2.5cm or more  

single event pricing also available   



                             All services provided outside the term period will be charged at 1/4 the monthly rate per snow removal (per timerate).

·                                 Monthly Services commencing the 15th or later of the current month will be charged 1/2 the regular monthly ratefor that month.


 Terms & Conditions

·                                 Snow removal services will be performed within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall.

·                                 Rockscapes will carry out snow removal services a maximum of one time every 24 hours

·                                 Pleasenote that services will not be performed on Christmas Day (December 25) or New Years Day (January 1).

·                                 Termination of any service requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice (either by telephone, fax or email).

·                                 All services performed or scheduled up to the end of termination notice will be invoiced and due immediately at the  termination date.

·                                 Services will not commence until your agreement has been received by our office.

·                                 Rockscapes is not responsible for damage to any unmarked items under the snow

·                                 All Driveways or Plowed areas need to be flagged with min 30″ flags prior to snow falling to ensure proper areas  are cleaned

·                                 If you have any problems with your snow removal, please call anytime, your satisfaction is guaranteed…